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What The World's First Virtual Reality City Looks Like

What The World's First Virtual Reality City Looks Like


Why is this WE-R-VR material? Because Hypatia is the world's first virtual reality city and it's pretty impressive.

What's the VR story? What if you could beam yourself into a site like Facebook or Reddit or any one of your favourite online communities and just immerse yourself in its content virtually? It's possible, especially with a company like Timefire VR working around the clock.

The Arizona-based tech company is building an immersive virtual reality city called, Hypatia, a name after the first known woman intellectual, mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer; now reborn as the first city in virtual reality.

The virtual city features a socially interactive environment for users looking to explore cultural and educational experiences. 

According to Timefire VR employees, “In Hypatia, people will find an environment for exploring and creating all aspects of our potential. This ranges from music, art, education, mentoring, crafting, and exploration. In this virtual city we will not only be the creators but the curators of our emerging world of digital virtual art. Community, camaraderie, and creativity are imperative to Hypatia. We are relying on you, the players, to create the vast dynamics of this city’s culture.”

And users will be able to find just about anything. From hanging out at a concert, stage play, shopping or reading a holographic book by the canal, exotic hidden surprises -- Hypatia's virtual city appeals to all senses.

The main takeaway? Hypatia may be the preface to what websites and online social communities may look like in the future; digital worlds where users beam into and engage virtually.

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